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How Much Do Solar Panels Save on Electricity Bills?

Common misunderstandings about solar power systems are that they are expensive, only for green environmentalists, or don’t make sense in Minnesota. However, nothing could be further from the truth. People of all ages and professions, especially baby boomers looking for a cost-effective energy solution on a fixed income, are drawn to this option and excited […Read More]

Part #3 How Much Per Square Foot Will My Home Cost?

Over the last two posts, on “How Much Per Square Foot Will My Home Cost”, I have laid important ground work why that is a difficult question to answer. Reading only this post without reading Part #1 and #2 does yourself an injustice so I highly recommend you start at Part #1. When calculating construction […Read More]

Part #2 How Much Per Square Foot Will My Home Cost?

In our last post we discussed how products with similar features (e.g. a roof, a foundation, a bathroom, a kitchen, etc) can have widely different costs per square foot when building a house. If you didn’t read Part #1, I highly recommend you read that post first as it will give you the general basis […Read More]

Part #1 How Much Per Square Foot Will My Home Cost?

Sadly, one of the very first questions buyers often ask is “what is the cost of a home per square foot?” The reason I say sadly, is this question programs most builders to cut as many corners as possible and cheapen up the home’s quality at every corner in order to reduce the cost per […Read More]

Top 15 Kitchen Design Tips: Part 3

To conclude our three part series on the items that go into a great kitchen, we’re featuring our most handy building tips yet. Well-built kitchens are well thought out, so be sure to consider every detail. Kitchens aren’t just for cooking – they can also be used for entertaining or unwinding. That’s why you need […Read More]

Top 15 Kitchen Design Tips: Part 2

If there’s one room of the house you couldn’t live without, the kitchen is it. In part 1 of our kitchen series, we scratched the surface (something you don’t want to do in a kitchen!) on what makes a great space for cooking and congregating. If you’re hungry for more helpful tips, that was only the […Read More]

Top 15 Kitchen Design Tips: Part 1

Just like any great recipe, the best kitchens start from scratch. When you’re building a new home, you can customize it to fit your unique tastes. That doesn’t mean every decision will be easy – there are countertops, appliances, storage areas and many other areas of the kitchen to consider. At Amaris, we do everything […Read More]

Prepping For Disruptions to Electricity

One thing customers are asking us more frequently is how to prepare for an electric disruption due to a storm or other catastrophic event. As a green home builder we have installed a number of solar voltaic systems and other off grid type solutions. Solar is a great starting place to work towards an off […Read More]

Fighting Mold, Moisture & High Energy Costs Part 2 – Maintaining Good Air Quality

In the first part of our two-part blog post, we highlighted some important features that can make up an effective moisture control system for any home. We talked about the importance of adding a polyethylene ground cover, having a good HVAC system, taking advantage of drainage to fight the elements and effectively insulating the home. […Read More]

Hidden Rooms on the Rise

It might just be a sign of the times, but it certainly says something about our culture when people are asking about and installing hidden rooms in their new custom homes. Hidden rooms used to be reserved for the rich and famous, but now are getting a lot more common. As a custom home builder who focuses […Read More]

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