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Amaris custom built green homes offer many unique benefits to you as the buyer. These benefits are both tangible and intangible, but together equal uncompromising quality and unprecedented value. Not only are Amaris custom built green homes architecturally appealing and finished with excellent materials, they are well built from the ground up. Your Amaris custom built green home will outperform every home in your neighborhood. In fact, your neighbors will say, ”We wish we would have built with Amaris”.

What makes Amaris Different?

Our homes are built to a much higher standard and they are a tremendous value. The process that we use is completely open and transparent and we build every home like it is ours.

How Does the Financing Work?

You can use your own lender, or we can refer you to one who is familiar with Amaris.

When building a new home, we like to include the buyers in the title at the beginning of the project, not the end. With a down payment of 10% the loan can be structured to save you up to $5k in closing costs.

How long does the Building Process Take?

As you can see from the homes featured on our website we build homes that are custom designed according to each client’s specific taste. Since each home is unique it can take up to 120 days to design the home, and then allow 30 days for the financing process. The building process generally takes 4 to 6 months to complete.

Can You Help Locate a Lot?

Yes we certainly can. This is always the first step in building a new home.

Our sister company is licensed to give us access to search for and secure available lots, and we also are connected with land developers for access to other lots that may not be listed.

If you choose to go through your own real estate agent, then we just ask that we are involved in the process.

How Do You Know How Much You Can Spend For a Lot?

The price of the lot is always set by the project budget and specific preferences of the customer.

There are many variables that come into play when selecting a lot but we’re here to help with that.

What is the Design Process?

We use a unique design process that allows our clients to be part of every decision from the very beginning. This allows us to implement any necessary adjustments in order to stay on time and on budget for the project, making the building process as stress free as possible for our clients.

Do I Go to Home Improvement Stores to Pick Everything Out?

Our interior designers will help keep you on budget with a worry-free process. Let our professionals do the shopping for you. All you have to do is come to our office and tell them your preferences.

Our on staff interior designers will assist you in finding the best options for your home at no additional charge.

How Do You Handle Change Orders?

Our design process is structured to help limit the frequency of change orders by highly involving the client in every decision in order to prevent cost-overrun. In the event that a change order does occur, it is always approved by our clients, in writing, so there won’t ever be any surprises.

How Do You Price Your Projects?

We pride ourselves on our complete financial transparency throughout each project.

We will never withhold any financial information from our client.

This means you have access to every quote, every estimate, and every invoice at anytime.

What is Your Warranty?

The State of Minnesota requires that we offer a warranty of 1 year on labor, 2 years on mechanical equipment, and 10 years structurally. Any warranty on appliances will be provided by the manufacturers

However, it is OUR policy to stand behind our products beyond their original warranty. This is why many of the products that we install exceed the state mandated warranty.

At the end of 1 year, we will do a walk through with the client and address any remaining pertinent issues.

I Have a Home to Sell First. Can You Help Me Sell It?

Yes, we can help sell your home.

We offer two free, two hour consultations, where our interior designer will help you stage your home in preparation for sale. If you don’t want to do the work yourself then we can arrange to have it done for you at competitive market rates.

We can also list your home at a discounted rate through our real estate brokerage licensed sister company, saving you money on the sale to be used on your new home.

Does Building a Home Mean I Have to Move Twice?

This all depends on your financial situation and individual risk tolerance.

If you need to sell your home to get the down payment for the project, then yes, you would need to make other living arrangements until the project is complete.

What Area Do You Work In?

Amaris Homes is licensed in both Minnesota and Wisconsin.

We do most of our projects in the Twin Cities Metro area and western Wisconsin.

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Photo Gallery

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“ We had a fantastic experience with Amaris Homes. They made the very stressful process of building a new home much easier with their wonderful ability to listen and see what we really wanted. We not only met a great building team, but we made some beautiful new friends.”

– Michelle , Webster, MN

“I never had to fight Amaris on any concern i had through the entire process. I felt like Amaris was my advocate and took care of everything. They didn’t just build us a good home… they built us a GREAT home!”

– Tim, Northfield, MN

“I’ve worked with Amaris professionally on multiple occasions with my clients and I can’t recommend them highly enough! The integrity, quality, and customer service are unbeatable.”

– Linda , MLS Online

“Ray you are indeed making a huge contribution to our family and property, and I don’t want to think where we would be now without your hard work and expertise. I cannot overstate my appreciation.”

– Heidi Mclean

“we are very happy with the house Amaris Homes built us. When there have been issues, they stood behind their product.”

– Andrew, Maplewood, MN

“ Amaris does many things that are unlike any other builder. In todays tight economy we wanted to know what the base price was to see if it was the best “deal,” for us. Amaris has an open book policy that is virtually unheard of. This means you see where every dime is spent in building your dream, right down to the very bills Amaris is sent for payment of any and all items.”

– Kevin & Vesna, Plymouth

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